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ZD Soft Screen Recorder is a lightweight, high performance and easy-to-use screen recording software program for Windows. It’s highly optimized for both desktop screen capture and game screen capture in order to deliver the best screen recording experience. You almost could not feel any system lag when recording.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder provides 4 screen capture modes: capture a region, capture a window, capture full screen and capture game screen. There is always a screen capture mode can meet your needs. And you can switch between these screen capture modes seamlessly without stopping a recording.

A smooth transition effect will be applied when the capture region changes. So cool, isn’t it?

ZD Soft Screen Recorder can capture not only the computer screen but also the computer sound, of course. It provides flexible ways to capture sound: you may capture the output sound from a playback device such as speaker or headphone, or capture the input sound from a recording device such as microphone or line-in, or both of them together. And perfect audio/video synchronization is guaranteed.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder enables you to include a webcam overlay in your screen recordings. This is very useful for creating tutorial videos.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder provides several visual effects of the mouse cursor in your screen recordings: normal, hidden, highlighted and animated clicking effects. This is also very useful for creating tutorial videos.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder enables you to embed your custom watermark in your screen recordings. Your custom watermark can be a logo image, a short text or just a timestamp. This would help you claim the originality of your works.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder provides a timer to help you start/stop a recording at a pre-scheduled time, or control the maximum length of a recording. This is useful for recording online courses, webinars or live programs when you are away from your computer.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder compresses captured screen images using an H.264 codec which delivers crystal-clear HD video quality in extremely small file size, and this is done on the fly, no intermediate files.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder supports 3 output video file formats: AVI, MP4 and MKV, all these formats can be uploaded to YouTube directly without format conversion.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder sometimes can be used as a sound recorder, because it’s able to record sound into a separate audio file. It supports 2 output audio file formats: MP3 and WAV.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder also provides the ability to take screenshots of a preset region, a window, the full screen or the game screen by simply clicking a button or pressing a hotkey. Quick and easy. It supports 3 output image file formats: PNG, BMP and JPG.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder is highly optimized for Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 platforms and the PC games based on DirectX and OpenGL technologies.

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