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Why Choose ZD Screen Recorder SDK?


Easy Integration

Easily add ZD Screen Recorder SDK to your project with Visual Studio's NuGet Package Manager and start recording with just 4 API calls.


Feature-Rich APIs

ZD Screen Recorder SDK offers 130+ APIs for comprehensive customization and control of all aspects of screen recording to meet your specific needs.


Extraordinary Performance

ZD Screen Recorder SDK surpasses other screen recording SDKs with advanced techniques for higher frame rates and reduced lag, especially in high-resolution screen captures.


User-Proven Stability

With over a decade of development and refinement, the ZD Screen Recorder SDK boasts over 50,000 lines of carefully tested C++ code, ensuring stability and reliability as proven by its widespread use in our popular screen recorder application.


Unmatched Compatibility

ZD Screen Recorder SDK creates lean, redistributable applications with unmatched compatibility, independent of additional runtimes and functional even on older OS like Windows Vista.

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ZD Screen Recorder SDK Capabilities

capture a region

Capture a Region

capture a window

Capture a Window

capture full screen

Capture Full Screen

capture game screen

Capture Game Screen

capture webcam

Capture Webcam

capture speaker

Capture Speaker

capture headphone

Capture Headphone

capture microphone

Capture Microphone

capture line-in

Capture Line-in

dynamic zooming

Dynamic Zooming

dynamic region

Dynamic Region

GPU acceleration

GPU Acceleration

mouse cursor effects

Mouse Cursor Effects

watermark logo

Watermark Logo

live streaming

Live Streaming

taking screenshots

Taking Screenshots

MP4 video output

MP4 Video Output

AVI video output

AVI Video Output

FLV video output

FLV Video Output

MP3 audio output

MP3 Audio Output

WAV audio output

WAV Audio Output

PNG screenshot

PNG Screenshot

BMP screenshot

BMP Screenshot

JPG screenshot

JPG Screenshot













ZD Screen Recorder SDK Q & A

While basic screen recording might be feasible for a senior programmer, achieving a practical, lag-free, and efficient solution presents challenges like high CPU usage, frame drops, and audio/video sync issues. With over 50,000 lines of C++ code and over a decade of development and refinement, our SDK ensures you save time and resources, enabling you to quickly and easily implement a high-quality screen recording feature.

Yes, with a commercial license for our ZD Screen Recorder SDK, you're free to create and globally sell your own branded screen recording software. The vast market for screen recording technology offers numerous opportunities, and while we can't cater to every scenario, we encourage developers to use our SDK to develop diverse applications and tap into these profitable markets.

No, we do not charge any royalties. Software created using our ZD Screen Recorder SDK is completely royalty-free.

Videos recorded using the free version of the ZD Screen Recorder SDK include a permanent watermark, and software developed with this version cannot be used for commercial purposes or redistributed. In contrast, the paid version removes watermarks from recordings and permits commercial use and redistribution of the software developed. For a comprehensive comparison, refer to the details on our pricing page.

Yes, our ZD Screen Recorder SDK package includes six demo projects with full source code in the 'demo\src' folder, covering five programming languages: C# (both WPF and WinForms), VB.NET, VC++, Delphi, and C++Builder. Additionally, the C# source code for the advanced multi-source screen recording demo project, Screen & Webcams Recorder, is available for access from the link. These well-commented examples will help you swiftly grasp how to utilize the most commonly used APIs of our SDK.

Yes, the ZD Screen Recorder SDK package includes a Manual.chm file, featuring quick start guides for various programming languages and comprehensive descriptions of all SDK APIs. Additionally, an online version of the manual is accessible here.

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