ZD Screen Recorder

For Windows Vista/7/8/10/11

ZD Screen Recorder is a high-performance screen recording software program. It can record computer screen and sound into video in real time with low CPU usage and no system lag. You can use it to create how-to videos, capture streaming videos, record online classes/conferences, record PC games, Live stream your computer screen through video sites, and so on. Come and discover more uses of it!

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Screen Recorder
Create how-to videos

Easily create how-to videos in minutes

If you want to show someone how to do something on a computer, you don't need to spend a lot of time to write step-by-step instructions any more. Just turn on ZD Screen Recorder, do the things you want to show, everything happening on screen will be recorded into a video file. In the meantime you can use your mouse to draw some markups directly on screen to annotate your operations, and if you have a microphone connected you may add your narration simultaneously. And finally you can cut the unwanted parts of a recorded video, or join some separately recorded videos into one video, and then send or share the video to the ones need help, perfect!

Capture streaming videos

Capture streaming videos for local playback

The internet is full of various kinds of online videos today. Sometimes you may want to download your favorite videos for review at any time without an internet connection. Some websites may provide the ability to download their online videos via their own apps, but some may not. Instead of installing a bunch of apps, there is a general way to do that easily – use ZD Screen Recorder to capture the videos from screen to your hard disk, just like a software VCR.

Record online classes

Record online classes for later review

Have you ever come across this kind of situation – when you are attending an online course / lecture / webinar / meeting, you get another urgent thing to do and have to leave your computer, you may miss the part you are absent. If you don't want to miss anything when you are away from your computer, or if you want to be able to review some important online courses / lectures / webinars / meetings afterwards, you can use ZD Screen Recorder to record them to local videos in your hard disk that can be reviewed at any time.

Record PC games

Record your wonderful moments playing PC games

The graphics of PC games is getting more and more stunning today. Some PC games' graphics may even look more gorgeous than blockbuster movies. Have you ever wanted to share the stunning gaming graphics or your wonderful gameplays with your friends on YouTube? ZD Screen Recorder will help you with that. Unlike some general screen recording software which may often get black screens on DirectX / OpenGL accelerated games, ZD Screen Recorder will not let you down.

Live streaming

Live stream your computer screen through video sites

Online live video broadcasting is getting more and more popular today. Live gameplays and live webcam shows are the most popular content. There are a few software tools can help you capture and stream your screen / webcam to internet video websites such as Twitch, YouTube and etc. ZD Screen Recorder is a good choice among them due to it's lightweight, easy-to-use and high-performance on screen capture. No complex settings, one-click to stream smooth high quality video to a live streaming video platform easily, let the whole world can see you or your computer screen.

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ZD Screen Recorder capabilities

capture a region

Capture a region

capture a window

Capture a window

capture full screen

Capture full screen

capture game screen

Capture game screen

capture webcam

Capture webcam

capture speaker

Capture speaker

capture headphone

Capture headphone

capture microphone

Capture microphone

capture line-in

Capture line-in

dynamic zooming

Dynamic zooming

dynamic region

Dynamic region

GPU acceleration

GPU acceleration

mouse cursor effects

Mouse cursor effects

watermark logo

Watermark logo

live streaming

Live streaming

taking screenshots

Taking screenshots

on-screen marker

On-screen marker

scheduled recording

Scheduled recording

cut video

Cut video

join video

Join video

MP4 video output

MP4 video output

AVI video output

AVI video output

FLV video output

FLV video output

MP3 audio output

MP3 audio output













ZD Screen Recorder awards

Software Informer Editor's pick award
Software Informer Virus Free award

ZD Screen Recorder testimonials

Lorenzo "I am a game developer, usually I program complex algorithms for video games. As an experienced programmer, I'm not easy to impress, but your software is impressive, really. Honestly, I want to tell you that you are an excellent programer, certainly. I used many screen recorders looking for the best performance (because the performance is the most important factor in this kind of software), and I have found that the performance of ZD Screen Recorder is extraordinary due (I guess) to its impressive GPU accelerated screen capture technology which is able to make extremely agile screen recordings and a fantastic and now customizable and very smooth zoom effect at runtime with very low CPU usage, these unique features are really awesome and allow us to easily and quickly make professional screen recordings with a very attractive and pleasant visual result.

Also, at the moment, ZD Screen Recorder seems very stable. Currently it is a robust, fast, intuitive, versatile, easy-to-use, powerful, extremely useful tool with brilliant features and impressive performance. So I want to congratulate you for your awesome work."

- Lorenzo

Brandon "I have tried your software due to my friend recommending me it. He has told quite some people about it and is getting the program out there, so far so good. He told me to download your software and I downloaded the trial and LOVE it! It's really handy and useful."

- Brandon

Robert "Wow! This is a great update. I sincerely appreciate that you listened to my feedback, cared about it and added the features. All the enhancements work great! I'm going to post some positive reviews in various online forums as a way to say thank you."

- Robert

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