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ZD Soft provides 1-year free technical support for customers have purchased ZD Soft products. The support is provided on a limited liability basis: a) We provides technical support via online forms and emails. b) We provides technical support in English language only. c) We may respond to customers' emails within 48 hours on weekdays or within 72 hours on weekends and holidays. d) All support is provided on the basis that we will make every effort to provide you with the correct information and the best solution. We suggest that prior to making any significant changes to your computer, you back up your data. Since we are providing support via email, we are not able to guarantee an error free experience. There are many factors that influence your computer system and we will not be liable for any loss that might arise if we unintentionally provide incorrect information. If you are engaging in an activity which could cause serious loss if things go wrong, you shall retain a professional computer consultant to validate and test the systems before use.

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