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A quick tool for creating a how-to video in minutes

If you want to show someone how to do something on a computer, you don’t need to spend a lot of time to write step-by-step instructions any more. Just turn on ZD Soft Screen Recorder, do the things you want to show, everything happening on screen will be recorded into a video file. In the meantime you can use your mouse to draw some markups directly on screen to annotate your operations, and if you have a microphone connected you may add your narration simultaneously. And finally you can cut the unwanted parts of a recorded video, or join some separately recorded videos into one video, and then send or share the video to the ones need help, perfect!

Create how-to video

An easy tool for downloading online videos to your hard disk

Capture online video

The internet is full of various kinds of online videos today. Sometimes you may want to download your favorite videos for review at any time without an internet connection. Some websites may provide the ability to download their online videos via their own apps, but some may not. Instead of installing a bunch of apps, there is a general way to do that easily – use ZD Soft Screen Recorder to capture the videos from screen to your hard disk, just like a software VCR.

A good tool for recording online courses / lectures / meetings

Have you ever come across this kind of situation – when you are attending an online course / lecture / webinar / meeting, you get another urgent thing to do and have to leave your computer, you may miss the part you are absent. If you don’t want to miss anything when you are away from your computer, or if you want to be able to review some important online courses / lectures / webinars / meetings afterwards, you can use ZD Soft Screen Recorder to record them to local videos in your hard disk that can be reviewed at any time.

Record online course

A powerful tool for recording PC gameplay footages

Record game screen

The graphics of PC games is getting more and more stunning today. Some PC games’ graphics may even look more gorgeous than blockbuster movies. Have you ever wanted to share the stunning gaming graphics or your wonderful gameplays with your friends on YouTube? ZD Soft Screen Recorder will help you with that. Unlike some general screen recording software which may often get black screens on DirectX / OpenGL accelerated games, ZD Soft Screen Recorder will not let you down.

A handy tool for streaming live screencasts to internet

Online live video broadcasting is getting more and more popular today. Live gameplays and live webcam shows are the most popular content. There are a few software tools can help you capture and stream your screen / webcam to internet video websites such as Twitch, YouTube and etc. ZD Soft Screen Recorder is a good choice among them due to it's lightweight, easy-to-use and high-performance on screen capture. No complex settings, one-click to stream smooth high quality video to a live streaming video platform easily, let the whole world can see you or your computer screen.

Live screencasting
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Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Capture DirectX screenCapture OpenGL screen HD video screen recording H.264 video encoding AAC audio encoding RTMP video streaming


A customer of ZD Soft Screen Recorder I have been trying out screen recorders for the last 4 days. I had to do a tutorial on how to change settings in Windows, and how to change settings in a feature PC FPS game. I saw yours, but it did not look as impressive as the other well known products, so I tried all the others first, probably totaling 12-15 different screen recorders. Nothing was working the way I wanted, the video and the sound were not synching, or the desktop would get captured, but when I would start the game, the screen capture would stop viewing the whole screen and only capture a small portion. Then the microphone would stop recording my voice as soon as the game started. It was a nightmare, but then… I decided to try your software. Wow! What a difference. It worked so nicely, the voice and video were synched correctly, when I started the game the recording continued so smoothly, and also continued to capture my voice, and the instructions… I have not purchased yet, but plan on it as soon as I save up the money. Just wanted to give you some encouragement, and beg you to never change your software, it’s great.”

— Rodney McCarthy

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