ZD Screen Recorder SDK features comparison table

Other Screen Recorder SDKZD Screen Recorder SDK
Screen capture Windows standard GDI BitBlt screen capture
Windows Vista/7 DWM hook accelerated screen capture
Windows 8/8.1/10/11 DXGI desktop duplication capture
Windows 8/8.1/10/11 rotated desktop capture
High DPI-aware screen capture
Multi-monitor screen capture
Capture region selection interface
Dynamic changing capture region
Dynamic zooming capture region
Screen capture preview
HD screen recording frame rate< 15fps> 30fps
HD screen recording CPU usage> 50%< 20%
Noticeable system lags when recordingYesNo
Game capture Direct3D/OpenGL game screen capture through API hook
Direct3D/OpenGL game screen position detection
Direct3D/OpenGL game rendering frame rate detection
Direct3D/OpenGL game executable file path detection
Direct3D/OpenGL game window handle detection
Dynamic custom DIB overlay in game
Audio capture Capture from speaker source only
Capture from microphone source only
Capture from both speaker & microphone mixed
Enable/Disable an audio source capture at any time
Microphone audio delay correction
Audio source capture volume control
Audio source volume level monitoring
Webcam capture Webcam capture preview
Capture full webcam video
Free switch between webcam capture and screen capture
Add a webcam overlay to video
Enable/Disable webcam overlay at any time
Dynamic custom DIB webcam overlay
Video output Arbitrary video resolution
Resolution rescaling qualitypoorgood
Arbitrary video frame rate
Variable frame rate (minimize CPU usage)
Supported video codecsXvid / WMVH.264
Supported audio codecsMP3 / WMAMP3 / AAC
Supported file formatsAVI / WMVMP4 / FLV / AVI
A/V sync on normal-loaded systemssyncsync
A/V sync on heavy-loaded systemsout of syncsync
Audio output Separate audio file output
Supported file formatsMP3 / WAV
Live streaming Live streaming to a website / server
Supported streaming protocolRTMP / RTMPS
Screenshot Take screenshot images
Supported file formatsBMPBMP / PNG / JPG / TIFF
Watermark logo Add image watermark logo
Add text watermark logo
Add custom DIB watermark logo
Dynamic updating watermark logo
Mouse cursor effects Add mouse cursor
Highlight mouse cursor position
Custom mouse cursor highlight image
Add mouse cursor click animation
Custom mouse cursor click image/animation
Add mouse cursor track effect
Add mouse cursor click sound
Miscellaneous Countdown box
Built-in settings dialog
Load/Save/Delete settings
Standard SDK APIs (DLL)
ActiveX SDK control (OCX)
.NET Framework dependencyYesNo

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