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Demo screen recording softwareWant to demonstrate the new features of your software to someone? Or want to teach someone how to use a piece of software? ZD Soft Screen Recorder can help you to create a demo / tutorial / training video in minutes. No video editing software is required. Just record and then share.
Online course screen recording softwareWant to review some important online courses / lectures / webinars / meetings afterwards? Or don’t want to miss them when you are away? ZD Soft Screen Recorder can record them for you. You can start recording immediately or at a scheduled time, and stop recording at another scheduled time or when a preset duration is reached.
PPT screen recording softwareWant to record your PPT presentation together with your narration and webcam into a video file so that it can be played anytime at anywhere? Or your presentation involves some content other than a PPT? ZD Soft Screen Recorder can record your presentation process into a video file on the fly. When you finish your presentation and stop recording, the video file is done, no editing or exporting is needed.
Online video screen recording softwareWant to download favorite online videos but cannot find a way to do that? Or don’t want to install a bunch of download plugins for various video websites? ZD Soft Screen Recorder provides you a direct and efficient way to capture online videos. Benefited from the fast screen capture engine and H.264 & AAC codecs, you can get high quality videos.
PC game screen recording softwareWant to share the wonderful moments of your gameplays with friends? Or want the gamers all over the world to watch your live gameplays on the internet? ZD Soft Screen Recorder is born to be good at recording games, especially the games accelerated by DirectX / OpenGL that are hard to record for general screen recording software.
Screen recording software live streamingWant to publish your live gameplay or webcam show to internet video websites such as Twitch / YouTube? ZD Soft Screen Recorder is a handy software tool can help you with that. No complex settings, 1-click to stream smooth high quality video to a live streaming video platform easily. You can also save the video to a separate file when streaming.
Screen recording software screen sharingWant to demonstrate something on your PC to colleagues / students without calling them to sit around watching your screen or projection? ZD Soft Screen Recorder can broadcast your screen from your own PC to invited viewers’ PCs via local network. Peer to peers. No server is required. No risk of sending data to internet. Even no software needs to be installed on the viewers’ PCs. This makes it easy to share your screen with others in few clicks.

Numbers you should know about ZD Soft Screen Recorder

As Low As
CPU Usage
Up To
Up To
Frame Rate

File formats ZD Soft Screen Recorder can output









Audio sources ZD Soft Screen Recorder can capture from





Capabilities of ZD Soft Screen Recorder

Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Capture DirectX screenCapture OpenGL screen HD video screen recording H.264 video encoding AAC audio encoding RTMP video streaming

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Here is a true story from one of our customers:

A customer of ZD Soft Screen Recorder I have been trying out screen recorders for the last 4 days. I had to do a tutorial on how to change settings in Windows, and how to change settings in a feature PC FPS game. I saw yours, but it did not look as impressive as the other well known products, so I tried all the others first, probably totaling 12-15 different screen recorders. Nothing was working the way I wanted, the video and the sound were not synching, or the desktop would get captured, but when I would start the game, the screen capture would stop viewing the whole screen and only capture a small portion. Then the microphone would stop recording my voice as soon as the game started. It was a nightmare, but then… I decided to try your software. Wow! What a difference. It worked so nicely, the voice and video were synched correctly, when I started the game the recording continued so smoothly, and also continued to capture my voice, and the instructions… I have not purchased yet, but plan on it as soon as I save up the money. Just wanted to give you some encouragement, and beg you to never change your software, it’s great.”

— Rodney McCarthy

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